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    Posted by Alan Collins on 24/06/2019   Email

    Hello Will - thanks for that...I've just put up a notice on the home page!

    Posted by Will Kemp on 24/06/2019   Email

    Hi Alan, not been on here for a while......just as a reminder to the village inhabitants that Crowhurst Environment Group have their AGM this Wednesday the 26th June at the village hall at 730pm. See you all there!!

    Posted by Alan Collins on 03/08/2018   Email

    Hello Will. Yes, still 'up and running' but going nowhere fast!!!

    Posted by Will Kemp on 03/08/2018

    Hi Alan, glad to see the Eye is still up and running.

    Posted by Will Kemp on 22/12/2017   Email

    Hi Alan, happy Christmas to you. ( and anyone else reading this) See you soon.

    Posted by Paul Hobbs on 28/08/2017   Email

    Hello, I have a 1903 drawing of Adams Farm. It was supposed to have belonged to a relative. I think it was John Banks but I can find no link. Does anyone out there know of previous owners. I am looking in pre 1900s! The census reports only show people living there not owners. Feel free to E mail me, all the best Paul Hobbs

    Posted by Alan Collins on 27/12/2016   Email

    Thanks Will, for your support and loyalty!

    Posted by Will Kemp on 25/12/2016   Email

    Happy Christmas to you Alan and all in Crowhurst

    Posted by Alan Collins on 07/12/2016

    There's been a smokescreen and a black cloud hanging over that road since its conception

    Posted by Will Kemp on 06/12/2016   Email

    Link road covered in thick fog. I seem to remember that we were all told that it doesn't get foggy there!!

    Posted by Will Kemp on 13/05/2016   Email

    New gate been installed across footpath leading to flood attenuation pond. Opening end is right up to edge of river so, could be a bit of a problem while opening and closing with falling off the edge!! Obviously, it may not be finished , yet and the old saying, fools and bairns shouldn't see half done work, but all the same doesn't look very safe!!

    Posted by Alan Collins on 29/04/2016   Email

    Like you, Will, I too am fed up with the road conditions and road markings deteriorating on roads approaching and running through Crowhurst. I cannot understand how money can be found for a new link road but not for maintaining existing roads leading to it???

    Posted by Will Kemp on 29/04/2016   Email

    Anybody else getting fed up with the 'so called' repairs to Forewood Lane(near railway bridge and near railway access path) . Why can't they dig the two patches of road up and replace the Tarmac correctly instead of having to come back at least four times in the last year and put dry Tarmac in and leave it worse than it was before. It must cost them more for the shoddy repairs. Anyway, I am getting really peed off as I also have to replace another shock absorber Spring due to the state of the roads! If any one else is 'upset' , I use to report potholes etc

    Posted by Will Kemp on 19/04/2016   Email

    Latest update for the signpost. Phone call from Bob Pape to say that this issue is not forgotten about and hopes to be resolved by the end of May. As before, watch out for early indicators and not turning in to Crowhurst Road.

    Posted by Will Kemp on 05/02/2016   Email

    Latest on the sign post. Safety team looked at the signpost and have decided that it is the correct distance from the link road junction! People indicating early doesn't seem to matter. A new signpost showing both turn-offs(Crowhurst and Bexhill) MAY be installed after a stage 3addendum meeting. Till then, watch out for traffic indicating for the link road early .

    Posted by Will Kemp on 11/01/2016   Email

    Just had a phone call from highways dept, re signpost at Crowhurst Road/Queensway. The safety team are coming to check it out on the 21st January. Because our road is closed and there will be diversion signs up, they won't actually see anybody indicating to turn left!! Good timing, eh?

    Posted by Will Kemp on 03/01/2016   Email

    That'll be through the village though.....until it closes on the 18th..ha

    Posted by Alan on 03/01/2016   Email

    Ha...can't wait for the 'road close & diversion signs'!!!!!

    Posted by Will Kemp on 03/01/2016   Email

    Please be aware when driving on our lovely expensive link road, that it is prone to flooding at the bottom of the hill going from Queensway to Bexhill..

    Posted by Will on 29/12/2015   Email

    I have just reported to 'fixmystreet' that the sign post to Bexhill at the junction of Queensway and Crowhurst Road is poorly positioned. Traffic coming up from the fishing pond see the signpost and indicate to turn left, but indicate before the junction, so any traffic coming out of Crowhurst Road is in danger of pulling out and then crash, bang wallop! Be aware!

    Posted by Sonia Plato on 21/12/2015   Email

    Great to see the updates on traffic calming. Well done on your efforts so far. I wonder if we could have an environmental update too. Over to you May

    Posted by Alan collins on 21/12/2015   Email

    Wiil, thanks...and yes, I agree with you...noise pollution may well become an issue! I cpuldn't believe what I could hear from where I must be worse for you, down there on the 'coal face'as it were?

    Posted by Will Kemp on 20/12/2015   Email

    Has anybody else noticed the noise from the link road? Most of the traffic noise is coming from the Sidley end as the road is higher than any of the noise suppression that has been built in. Yes, trees will be planted but even after the ten?years of growth, the road is still higher.

    Posted by Will Kemp on 20/12/2015   Email

    Christmas and New year greetings to you all.

    Posted by Sonia Plato on 29/11/2015   Email

    Just caught up with the Crowhurst Eye website again - brilliant - so much interesting information and comment - humour and presentation are great - keep up the good work Alan.

    Posted by Frances on 29/11/2015   Email

    I like the jolly Christmas page! Keep up the good work. Will we get our roads resurfaced when the Link Road is open and there is no longer the extra wear and tear from the rat run and contractors vehicles?

    Posted by Will Kemp on 26/10/2015   Email

    Still not sure about the flood attenuation pond , but, there was a new family of swans there , 2adults and 3 cygnets, also two flocks of ducks swimming about in the latest body of water.

    Posted by will kemp on 17/04/2015

    Did I hear right that the Combe Valley project has now lost its funding which was part of mitigation for the link road??

    Posted by Alan Collins on 16/11/2014   Email

    Thanks for comment Martin - interesting thoughts and ideas which will no doubt generate debate. This will be on the agenda at the action group's next meeting!

    Posted by Martin White on 15/11/2014

    At the meeting today more than half of what we discussed related to wider village issues. It was not just road stuff. There were more people there than attend Parish Council meetings (including councillors). This group is more representative of the village than any other, more open than any other, is addressing many issues concerned with the future of our village, and is having meaningful influence and achieving identifiable results. Is it time the group name was changed to something more appropriate - Crowhurst Community Forum or Crowhurst Residents Association or similar ?. A penny for any thoughts ....

    Posted by will kemp on 29/10/2014   Email

    I have forgotten what my post was going to be about so shall now ramble!!A new trench has been dug, running next to the footpath just before the link road coming from Crowhurst. As you may notice there are four (4) parts blocked off with the dreaded orange tape. This is to show where the latest finds are. These finds are very important as it has shown to be the biggest flint knapping site in Europe! Even down to having the imprints of a knappers knee in the soil.Unfortunately, it will be lost as work progresses. I hope they still find time to clear these areas properly before the next stage takes place. Pipework?? The trench is under water at present but if you go, you can still just see the coloured flags marking parts of these areas.

    Posted by Alan Collins on 17/10/2014   Email


    Posted by will kemp on 15/07/2014   Email

    The new 'flood'pond is under construction between the link road and Crowhurst village.Can someone explain how removing a natural draining million year old flood plain and filling it with water is going to stop flooding? Also not keen on the way the JCB's are going in without removing the wildlife first ( frogs, toads,snakes,ducks etc).

    Posted by will kemp on 18/06/2014   Email

    More of the same from the 'top man'!

    Posted by Will Kemp on 12/05/2014   Email

    Also noticed that the archaeologists have just left all of their White buckets piled up, so much for them taking the evidence of former 'lifestyle' away for further investigation and not just from one small site either

    Posted by will kemp on 12/05/2014

    The orange plastic fencing around the edges of the road are mostly lying flat and crumpled up. There were a couple of ducks on this and hope they were just sunbathing and not caught in this environmentally unfriendly mess! I think the environmental officer should start doing his/her job and get it all removed asap.

    Posted by Ann Wilson on 11/05/2014   Email

    Hi Will I was at the Liaison Meeting on 29th April at Hastings Town Hall and was assured that the road was on schedule. Any other thoughts out there ?

    Posted by will kemp on 09/05/2014

    I have heard that the link road is going to open 6 months later than scheduled! Anybody else heard any other time scales?

    Posted by will kemp on 17/04/2014

    Are the frogs at Powdermill on the endangered list? Cos we saw two workers throwing stones at them!Thursday 17th. Photos available.

    Posted by will kemp on 08/04/2014

    What is the current state of enviro21. How many of the buildings are in use? I have tried Google etc and can't find an up to date answer.

    Posted by Andrea Needham on 17/03/2014

    Greg Barker's constituents may be interested in this report of his recent meeting for Sidley residents about the Link Road:

    Posted by will kemp on 10/03/2014

    Battle Observer 7 60 The view from the chair! Clive Galbraith obviously doesn't do his homework very well, he wrote 'the carefully chosen route of the link road has been as dry as a bone'! I wonder if he has even been near the marshes! I will see what reply I get from an e- mail I sent to him.

    Posted by Frances Royston on 10/02/2014

    Really useful notes on the meeting with BHLR. Any chance it can go to the CNews for publication there?

    Posted by Laura on 27/01/2014

    There is a website called where you can report potholes. It is linked to the county council website and if someone then has an accident and sues them, they can't say they didn't know about the hazard. In all, this acts as a good incentive to get them fixec - or so they said on the radio!

    Posted by Will Kemp on 24/01/2014   Email

    Came from Queensway towards Crowhurst today and just after the temp traffic lights went into two potholes! Three roadsweeping 'boys' just turned their backs at the crossing to the site offices looking for a fight! With the veins in my neck bulging , got to meet one of the site inspectors, bug..r, he was too polite etc and I couldnt manage to 'get stuck into him' Oh well,he did say that he hadnt done a site visit that way for over a week and would try and get the road fixed.Here's hoping.....

    Posted by Frances Royston on 16/01/2014

    Looking at Willy Wilson's photos of Adams Farm, we walked there last weekend and it is still empty, but no longer boarded up. Maybe it is to be occupied again soon?

    Posted by Maureen sterling on 20/12/2013

    Thank you Crowhurst team for including Nick Austin's powerful response to the Time Team's programme.

    Posted by Robin Young on 18/12/2013   Email

    Great to see this initiative. Should be an excellent Forum for sharing ideas, news and gripes.

    Posted by Frances Royston on 17/12/2013

    Just watched the videos of Nick Austin and Derrick Coffee through the links on this site. It is proving to be a useful one stop shop for all things relating to the link road.

    Posted by crowhursteye on 11/12/2013

    Dear Will Kemp, Thanks for your questions on what questions should be asked. We'll check with Combehaven Defenders re the questions they asked and we'll post these when we know. It's our intention to supply a list of relevant questions and who to send them to.

    Posted by Will Kemp on 10/12/2013

    Hi.can a list of questions be put up so that we can all send to the relevant places.I think that this would help people who don't know who to send to. Me included! Questions would include those from the meeting with'John'of seachange who ran to the toilet. Thanks. Will Kemp

    Posted by Will Kemp on 30/11/2013

    Congratulations on the new web site. Logo is big and bold and in your face. (eye-face)! Get it?? Doh. Good luck for the future.

    Posted by Cliff Dean on 30/11/2013   Email

    Well done Alan, for getting this off the ground.May I suggest links to my blog Combe Valley Countryside Park Sussex Wildlife Trust RXwildlife Bexhill Museum